Monday morning catchup – making the most of the wild weather…

It’s a fresh, and dry, Monday morning here in Aldeburgh, which has made a nice change to the wet weather we’ve been getting used to lately. There is a great buzz around the town as lots of families have gathered ready for the half term break. If you find yourself in Aldeburgh, make sure you pop in to the gallery and say Hi.

For those of you that haven’t visited Aldeburgh before, it’s a lovely small town on the Suffolk coast, which hosts a variety of history, shopping and time to relax.

Meanwhile in the gallery, I have been busy doing various ‘behind the scenes’ tasks. I’ve been keeping very busy with making some changes to the branding, meeting new customers and preparing for the re-launch of weddings. Everything is now coming together great and I will be sharing more about these here on the blog, and on Facebook & Twitter so make sure you’re following me.

I’ve been making the most of the wild weather and it has made for some great images. I love to shoot in low light conditions as it is really flattering. I had a great time photographing Emily, her mum and her horsey friend Guss. We wrapped up in our coats, hats and wellies and braved the elements with some fantastic results.

Emily Portraits10Emily Portraits9Emily Portraits8Emily Portraits7Emily Portraits6Emily Portraits5Emily Portraits3Emily Portraits2Emily Portraits1

Crown at Snape plans to re-open it’s doors on 20th Feb after tidal surge flooded village.

Teresa and Garry at The Crown at Snape plan to re-open on the 20th Feb after the terrible tidal surge flooded the village in the early hours of 6th Dec 2013.
Looking forward to a lovely meal and pint as ever…
4am Fri 6th Dec 2013. Photo by Tony Pick
We send all our very best wishes to all those in Snape and all the other affected areas, especially Teresa and Gary at The Crown. – See more at:

Havergate Island – ‘Days of Discovery’ Exhibition

Come and see inspiring images of nature at its very best – captured by Tony Pick and fellow photographers on ‘Days of Discovery’ experience weekends at RSPB Havergate Island near Orford.
Click here to see some more examples from our visits.
If you enjoy photography Tony’s bespoke training workshops can help you achieve amazing wildlife and landscape images. To book or for more information Click here or telephone 01728 451999

Flashing: prohibited on the island – for Photographers – but the Hare showed it all!

Last Sunday was our third ‘Photography: Day of Discovery’, we enjoyed the most gorgeous warm and sunny spring weather one can imagine, after a worrying week of watching daily changes on the very unsettled and sometimes frightening weather forecasts. Read more about what our fantastic guide – Monika wrote on the RSPB blog here

RSPB Havergate Island

Tony said: “Really looking forward to my next ‘Photography Day of Discovery’ with RSPB at the amazing Havergate Island.  Working with colleagues and individuals who appreciate the special nature of this protected area was a great experience”.     To see some rare images – not seen by many people, see link

EADT Environment Feature

Aldeburgh Independent’s Day – Tony Pick Masterclass

Today is the day to celebrate Aldeburgh’s Independent shops and businesses and make the most of the special offers, discounts and masterclasses on offer. Enjoy the music and festivities whilst getting to know the shop owners on the high street. Thank you to everyone who attended my masterclass outside the gallery and hope you came away with some top tips and new techniques. A big thank you to Claire and Sue and the ABA for making today possible.

Forest Friday Wetland Project

It’s forest friday and this week we turn our attention to the wetland project. From what started out as a visualization of a much needed watering hole for the forest wildlife, we are now at the construction stage.
Huge numbers of ponds have been lost in the countryside, about a third have disappeared in the last 50 years and those remaining are mostly in a poor condition for wildlife. The pond will improve the natural character of the forest environment and conserve and enhance the areas natural beauty. The pond design is very irregular with different depth profiles and gently sloping banks which will allow habitat for many varied species, essential for biodiversity in the area and will create a unique habitat in a forest environment.

We are involving the Suffolk Wildlife trust to advise on planting schemes and local wildlife expert Malcolm Farrow is helping with biodiversity/wildlife advice.
The project will vastly improve this area and increase the enjoyment of outstanding natural beauty that will be sustainable for the future. The area is very dry and there are no other natural ponds in the forest so this water will benefit :

Birds- source of drinking water/washing. We are also hoping to attract water birds but consider the value to smaller birds more importrant and hope to introduce sand martins to the sandy cliff.
Snakes and amphibians – grass snakes, frogs and toads, newts.  There are ponds on the sandlings that have great-crested newts so we are hoping to attract them too.
Invertebrates – beetles, pond skaters, water boatman, dragon and damselflies
Mammals – we have fallow deer which will use the pond

All forest users but most especially bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts will benefit from this exciting project, and we hope you will follow it’s progress.

Have a great weekend…