The Big Launch Shoot – Suffolk PR Photographer Ready for Take-Off!

Today it’s Jet2 holidays launch at London Stansted, my role as photographer is to capture the event for both MAG airports press office and Jet2 holidays PR department.

It’s 05:00 am at check-in for a few bleary-eyed group pics then out to the apron for boarding at sunrise and what a cracking dawn it was!

With my photo brief in hand I worked through the list of management shots, crew greeting passengers, families boarding and generic aircraft pictures before my 07:30 deadline – first two flights departing…  Main focus on branding and friendly service.

No time for coffee, straight back to the terminal to download the pics, edit my selection of 80 plus pics and uploaded high and low res versions for the PR media machine to start it’s social media frenzy by 09:00!

Time for a quick coffee and Danish before wave two starts as passenger’s check-in for the lunchtime flights. A real buzz in the terminal as the Jet2 hospitality team gave away free holiday and discounts – the kids loved it. Time for more group pics and the cake cutting whilst snapping the party atmosphere.

11:00 and camera now full with wave two pics it’s time to head back and edit them before uploading another 40 or so favourites to the main set. Time for the media team to get them out to the world once again.

13:00 and my jobs done – starving but still buzzing and ready for my next commission….

Wow, loving these pics 🙂 What an exciting launch it was! Thanks, Holly – Jet2

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Thanks Tony