Forest Friday Wetland Project

It’s forest friday and this week we turn our attention to the wetland project. From what started out as a visualization of a much needed watering hole for the forest wildlife, we are now at the construction stage.
Huge numbers of ponds have been lost in the countryside, about a third have disappeared in the last 50 years and those remaining are mostly in a poor condition for wildlife. The pond will improve the natural character of the forest environment and conserve and enhance the areas natural beauty. The pond design is very irregular with different depth profiles and gently sloping banks which will allow habitat for many varied species, essential for biodiversity in the area and will create a unique habitat in a forest environment.

We are involving the Suffolk Wildlife trust to advise on planting schemes and local wildlife expert Malcolm Farrow is helping with biodiversity/wildlife advice.
The project will vastly improve this area and increase the enjoyment of outstanding natural beauty that will be sustainable for the future. The area is very dry and there are no other natural ponds in the forest so this water will benefit :

Birds- source of drinking water/washing. We are also hoping to attract water birds but consider the value to smaller birds more importrant and hope to introduce sand martins to the sandy cliff.
Snakes and amphibians – grass snakes, frogs and toads, newts.  There are ponds on the sandlings that have great-crested newts so we are hoping to attract them too.
Invertebrates – beetles, pond skaters, water boatman, dragon and damselflies
Mammals – we have fallow deer which will use the pond

All forest users but most especially bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts will benefit from this exciting project, and we hope you will follow it’s progress.

Have a great weekend…



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