The Big One! Long Lens Workshop

A Pre Safari test workshop with theSigma 120-400mm f4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM Lens. What a cracking lens this is, pin sharp and excellent creativity with minimal depth of field at the 400mm end.

Dorian wanted to explore the handling and qualities of the lens before departing on a wildlife adventure to Africa. Had an enlightening morning with some challenging weather conditions too.

Didn’t take long to appreciate what a beast of a lens this is. Stunning results, ideal for wildlife, sport and portraiture and all within a single lens.

Well done Dorian, looking forward to seeing some stunning pics from the Safari!


A ‘buzzing’ Forest Friday!

It’s forest friday and this friday it’s the turn of our bees to feature!  Of course as many of you will know, all good bees should be safely tucked up in their beds at this time of year and ours are no different.  We can’t wait for spring to arrive when they will all hopefully be very busy again…. I have lots of new hives in storage, just waiting for their new colonies to take up residence in a few months.

Have a great weekend

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Another successful workshop today…..

Today it was Harriets turn for a workshop.   She wanted to learn about ‘product shots’ for a website.  Harriet is involved with a super shop in Aldeburgh called Burnett and Company and they sell beautiful homewares, handbags and all manner of lovely things!

The items from the shop really lent themselves to being photographed on the beach in amongst the pebbles and rocks and we achieved some marvelous results. Good luck with the new site Harriet!

Hi, we’re part of the Pick Crew “Cocka-doodle-doo”

My name’s Roger and these are my four girls. We rule the roost in the forest when the Pick’s are out. The posh chick’s live next door on the left, they have a posh front door and coop unlike our old shack. Eleven of them and all pure breeds but Tony won’t let me near them! Time for some fun but I’m sure you will be seeing a lot more of me and the girls – unless the Pick’s get hungry!

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SWPP Convention

Great day at the SWPP Convention in London today, my annual photo fix!

Caught up with some old friends and came away with the complete collection of Nik software for Lightroom 3 and very excited about the new Alumini (luminous) product from Loxley’s for the gallery Landscapes. Been

waiting for this one to reach our shores for some time.

Could have been worse, last year came away with the Nikon D3s – OUCH!

Have a snappy happy weekend.

Regards Tony

Workshop Testimonial

Have just received this e-mail from Tony Rogers who came on a workshop with me last week. So pleased he enjoyed it and found it worthwhile.

Have a great w/e all


“Hi Tony & Lizzie

I cannot believe that this last week has sped by so quickly during my first week back at work.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your very excellent tuition last Friday – a most enjoyable and rewarding experience. The pictures we took look amazing – no trouble in downloading them from the DVD.

I am sure that my photography has been ‘spring boarded’ to new levels.

All the best and kind regards.


Winter’s on it’s way – Wind’s turned to the North in Aldeburgh

Today’s photo training workshop on the beach in Aldeburgh.
Atmospheric stormy skies are my favourite conditions for our landscape workshops.
Like me and stay in the frame.
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Exposure – 1/15 @ f/16 100 ISO 0.9 ND Grad (3 stop)

Off camera flash for that ‘WOW’ factor!

To create this atmospheric portrait capturing the background skies and freezing movement, set the camera to aperture priority, using the exposure compensation feature on your camera. Set this to -1. This will under expose the ambient light by 1 stop allowing the skies to retain detail. However, the boys will be under exposed at this point so I used quantum’s Q flash T5d-R system fired remotely from the left hand side, to light the boys and also help freeze movement.
The Q flash has the power output I need to compete with the sun – but still allows me the freedom to keep up with the kids when they want to go and have fun.
Exposure – 1/250 @ f/16 400 ISO