Off camera flash for that ‘WOW’ factor!

To create this atmospheric portrait capturing the background skies and freezing movement, set the camera to aperture priority, using the exposure compensation feature on your camera. Set this to -1. This will under expose the ambient light by 1 stop allowing the skies to retain detail. However, the boys will be under exposed at this point so I used quantum’s Q flash T5d-R system fired remotely from the left hand side, to light the boys and also help freeze movement.
The Q flash has the power output I need to compete with the sun – but still allows me the freedom to keep up with the kids when they want to go and have fun.
Exposure – 1/250 @ f/16 400 ISO

Welcome to Tony Pick’s Photo Blog

Hello all aspiring photographers out there. This is our first post on our new blog site. We’ll be sharing photographic tips and tricks from leading UK portrait photographer and successful gallery owner, Tony Pick and his colleague Steve Taylor.